Aldenham Education Group (AEG) is the exclusive international commercial arm of the Aldenham Foundation (Aldenham). Steeped in history, AEG is listed as one of the oldest continuously operating schools in the world, existing on the same site since its founding in 1597. Delivering 425 years of academic excellence, AEG embodies both the best of timeless traditions and universal values, along with a well-established history of a forward-thinking ethos that differentiates it from its peers.

An Aldenham Education, Where History Meets Tomorrow.

Central to AEG’s progressive approach, developed long before its recent acceptance as an industry best practice, is the visionary development of an all-round education curriculum and culture that views education as of the whole person, where learning is a lifetime endeavour that does not stop once degrees are earned. AEG believes in equipping its pupils with the ability and mindset to ‘learn how to learn,’ which is at the core of its contemporary approach. For centuries AEG has been committed to helping pupils become the best versions of themselves, achieving balance and finding their individual purpose, whatever that may be.

AEG is the optimal fusion of accomplished educators, school operators, school inspectors, education thought leaders, entrepreneurs and internationally experienced investment professionals, who each share the same passion to be a leading global education group. AEG is hands-on from start to finish in identifying, analysing, vetting, financing, developing, and operating new schools. Additionally, as a fully integrated education platform, AEG is actively engaged in acquisitions of existing schools, management of third-party owned schools, and considers investments in education technology or other education-related operating companies.

Key Team Members

Alec H. Nejad
Managing Partner

Part of the exclusive international commercial arm of the Aldenham Foundation, Alec proactively manages new ventures with a management style that gets the most out of his teams.

Shahram Hashemi
Managing Partner

Shahram has 25 years of experience with top tier firms and sovereign wealth funds. He is also well versed in education and has been responsible for several investments made in the sector.

Paul Dunstan
Education Director

Paul is a visionary educational leader with a breadth of experience in the industry working across all key stages and has a passion for education that supports the whole child.

Charlotte Borghesi
Advisory Board Member

Charlotte brings 25 years of experience in business leadership to the Board. She has lived in 6 countries, grown businesses in more than 20 and managed over 50 household brands.

Our Schools

Aldenham School

Aldenham School offers outstanding Boarding / Day options for boys and girls in a caring community. Set in a beautiful site of 110 acres of green belt land within the M25 and close to the main London airports. Pupils enjoy an excellent all round education with room to express their individuality. Academic and social activities are given equal importance for the development of valuable life skills.

Age: 11-18
Gender: Mixed

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Aldenham Prep School and Nursery

At Aldenham Nursery and Aldenham Prep School we provide a happy, nurturing and warm environment where quality learning takes place and the needs of each individual child are fulfilled. Aldenham Prep School is a caring school where boys and girls from 3 to 11 develop and thrive. On the same glorious site as Aldenham Senior School set in 110 acres of countryside and with excellent facilities.

Age: 3-11
Gender: Mixed

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St Hilda’s

St Hilda’s is a community of girls aged four to eleven years, whose infectious enthusiasm, politeness and busy purposefulness is immediately evident to visitors. The girls thrive in a caring yet challenging environment, which teaches them to be resilient and resourceful learners, and ultimately to be exceptionally well prepared to take their next step to the senior school of their choice.

Age: 4-11
Gender: Girls

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Bluebird Nursery

Our youngest children aged 2-4 years are encouraged to play, explore and learn, under the watchful and inspiring care of specialist staff. Our packed programmes of teacher and child-led activities are specially designed to develop the whole child in ways appealing and appropriate to their current age and stage, including specialist teaching in subjects such as dance, music, swimming, PE, French and Spanish.

Age: 2-4
Gender: Mixed

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Aldenham Prep School Riyadh
Now Open!

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